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If you experience any problems with bee swarms on your premises, contact a local apiarist.

Contact the Council if you have any concerns regarding the presence of bee swarms in street trees, parks or other Council areas used by the public.

European Wasps

Council will arrange for the destruction of European Wasp nests reported by members of the public.  For more information please click on the link below.



Dog Ownership

Owning a dog can provide great companionship and pleasure. However, deciding to become a dog owner also means you take on responsibilities, not only toward the dog to feed, care for and exercise it, but to the community in general in the way the dog is controlled and behaves.

Council has a legal responsibility to administer and enforce the provisions of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 as it relates to dogs and has a full time officer appointed for that purpose.

Dog Registration

Dog Registrations expire at 30 June each year and must be renewed by 31 August. It is required by law that all dogs are to be registered within 14 days of acquiring them.  All dogs of or over 3 months of age must be registered.  Any dog travelling through the Council region must be registered at the owner's permanent address.

To download the Dog Registration Form 2015/2016 please click on the links below:

Application for Registration of a Dog 16/17(406 kb)

Registration Fees:
General Dog 55.00
General Dog Desexed 33.00
Pensioner Dog 27.50
Pensioner Dog Desexed 16.50
Working Dog 14.00
Working Dog Desexed 14.00
Replacement Disc 2.00
Transfer Registration FREE
General Dog Microchipped 49.50
General Dog Microchipped & Desexed 27.50
General Dog Trained 49.50
General Dog Desexed & Trained 27.50
General Dog Microchipped & Trained 44.00
General Dog Desexed, Microchipped & Trained 22.00
Pensioner Dog Microchipped 24.75
Pensioner Dog Desexed & Microchipped 13.75
Pensioner Dog Trained 24.75
Pensioner Dog Desexed & Trained 13.75
Pensioner Dog Trained & Microchipped 22.00
Pensioner Dog Desexed, Microchipped & Trained 11.00
Greyhound Registered with Club 14.00
Guide Dog No Fee
Transfers No Fee
New Discs 2.00
Impounding Fee


Daily Holding Fee 27.50

Certificates must be presented for desexed, microchipped and trained.

Keeping of Dogs

The Development Act limits the number of dogs that may be kept on domestic premises.  Contact Council to discuss this matter.

Similar control exist regarding commercial kennels and dog boarding facilities.  Contact Council for further advice.

Dog Fines

On the spot fines for a range of offences may be issued to dog owners who are not exercising responsible ownership. Fines vary between $80.00 and $250.00.

Fines from $80 to $250 may be imposed every 14 days that an unregistered dog remains unregistered.

Council may, at all times initiate Court action for breaches of the legislation.  Penalties of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 2 years may be imposed by the Court.

Pest Plants & Vermin

Contact the Northern & Yorke Natural Resources Management Board.

The Board is based at Unit 2/17 Lennon St, Clare.

Telephone 8841 3400 or email www.dewnr.nrny@sa.gov.au



Council does not have a legal responsibility to administer and enforce the legislation in relation to cats.


At present cats do not have to be registered and there is no official limit on the number of cats which can be kept.

Responsible Cat Ownership

Council strongly encourages responsible cat ownership.

This includes:

  • desexing
  • identification ( by means of collar, tag or microchip)
  • containing cats to their own premises so that they are not a nuisance to neighbours
  • not keeping excessive numbers of cats

You can hire out cat traps for feral cats from each of the offices, Clare, Saddleworth & Riverton but we do not dispose of them.

Animals & Birds in Townships

The Development Act and Local Government Act regulate the keeping of animals on domestic premises.  Contact Council to discuss this matter.