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40 Torrens Road

Bookings may be made at
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council,
Riverton Office,
21A Torrens Road
Phone (08)  8847 2305


Capacity of Hall
  • Room for 300 people including Supper room and upstairs
  • Can accommodate comfortably for sit-down dinner -  150 people
  • Can accommodate comfortably to see a show with aisles - 175 people (not sitting on carpeted area)
Complete Building 




Main Hall Only 

$ 90.00

Main Hall & Bar 


Supper Room & Full Kitchen


Supper Room for meeting & light supper


Use Day/Eve prior to booking for setup


Practice for functions - per occasion



Contract rates available for regular users of the facilities for meetings.

All fees include use of electricity.

A charge will be made for breakages and damages to the hall property.

NOTE - The hall is a SMOKE FREE ZONE.  Hirers who allow smoking within the hall property will be expected to pay an additional $100.00 surcharge.


Sound Reproduction and Amplification.  (Including Amplifier, Cassette Deck, CD player, microphone and loudspeaker system.)

Stage Lighting Equipment.  (Including four spotbars, spotlights, floodlights.  Note Dimmer rack and twelve channel control desk will need to be hired from Osmond Electronics (08) 8362 6218.)  Simple controller is in the hall.

Kitchen Equipment.  Two stainless steel urns, one electric kettle, four teapots, two electric jugs, six large plastic trays, four bowl bain marie, two electric ovens, microwave, one plate warmer, 150 white dinner plates, 150 white side plates, 150 white soup or sweet bowls, 150 white cups, 150 white saucers, 30 glass milk jugs, 18 glass sugar bowls, 12 plastic sandwich trays, 150 knives, forks, desert & soup spoons and 100 teaspoons.

Bar Equipment.  One temprite, (2 taps), open top bar fridge, small freezer, 5 small round trays, 3 ice buckets, 2 ice tongs, 28 beer jugs, 6 brown hand towels, 12 tea towels, 16 long beer glasses, 59 x 200ml (butcher) beer glasses, some schooners glasses, 100 wine glasses, 500 heavy duty acrylic glasses, 14 glass ashtrays.  (There is spare stock of 200 ml beer glasses and wine glasses available from Caretaker.)  Bar gas and keg couplings to be supplied by hirers.

General.  2 large laminex topped tables, 8 small laminex topped tables, 26 trestles that seat 6+ people each (trestles kept in store shed, outside of hall and by the bar), one mop bucket, 150 plastic chairs, 72 upholstered chairs.  Two long trestles that can seat approx 20.

Discos.  Jugs not to be used.  Only acrylic glasses to be used.  Any time spent by Caretaker cleaning hall after disco, to be charged to hiring body.  Carpet cleaning as needed will be arranged by the Caretaker and the cost will be included on the account.  Any damage will be charged to hiring body.

Air Conditioning.  Air conditioning is fitted to main hall, switches can be found on column on immediate right of steps, on the stage.

Insurance.  Hirers of the Hall are advised to check their 'club' or 'householder' insurance, to ensure that they have adequate "Public Risk" insurance to cover their particular event to take out a suitable policy for an event held in the hall.  The Hall provides no such insurance.

General Rules.  Hall to be cleaned and vacated by 10.00 am on the day following the function.  Chairs, tables and trestles to be put away, floors to be swept.

Where it is considered necessary by Caretaker and one of the Management that abnormal cleaning is required after a function, an additional charge on an hourly rate basis will be charged to the hirer.

Any damage, or loss of equipment will be charged to the hirer.

For any function requiring a stage lighting or sound equipment operator, a charge will be levied, based upon operator's time spent at the function.

If carpet is very dirty after a function, carpet cleaning will be arranged at the Hirer's cost.  (R Sawyer, Riverton - approx $55.00 each carpeted area in main Hall, $90 for the supper room).

Please make sure cellar stairs are in place and lid closed over, even if you did not used them.

Only use saw dust on floor, (in a bucket in storeroom off bar) Do not use "Speed" or "Danco" etc.

Outside lights all work from switches in bar above freezer.

If main lights go out, due to power failure, take key out off main lighting panel box, and go to main fuse box on north side of verandah and adjust trips.  Other fuse boards are on the stage and in the kitchen.


No laminex topped tables to be removed from building
No padded chairs to be removed from building
Hire out trestles - $5.00 each
Hire out plastic chairs - 50 cents each
Supper room heaters - switch on power on kitchen fuse board
Hot water is normally Off.  If you require hot water you must switch it on - also on kitchen fuse board.